The Toronto Philharmonia Event Orchestras

Adjunct Musical Services which financially support the TTPO

The Toronto Philharmonia’s Event Orchestras provide musical entertainment for Corporate and Public events, and can be led by and include members of the TTPO. On  Oct. 15, 2011 the  TTPO 16 Piece String Orchestra, led by Wren Canzoneri acting as Concertmaster, Agent, and Coordinator, provided the musical entertainment for the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Chagall Ball & Fundraising Event.


The Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra is a classical symphony orchestra dedicated to a high standard of performance of Classical Repertoire, performed in the beautiful Weston Recital Hall, Toronto Centre for the Arts. For Concert Series Information, and to buy concert tickets and subscriptions please link to the Toronto Philharmonia’s website:

A  Winning Combination:

Jacques Israelievitch performs Vivaldi's Four Seasons with TTPO's chamber event orchestra

Musical Entertainment for your Event & Financial Support of The Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra

  • We can provide Event Orchestras & Ensembles of different size and musical style, appropriate for  Corporate Parties, Receptions, Dinners, Product Launches, Fund Raising Events, Awards Dinners, New Years Events, etc.

  • A great way to support The Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra and  enjoy highly professional entertainment services. Fees for our Event Ensembles include a reasonable profit for the TTPO, which contributes to the Philharmonia’s Operational Budget, funding the primary activities of our orchestra.

  • Enjoying our Event Ensembles will also create added work and support for the musicians of The Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra.


Event Orchestra Sizes and Repertoire Include:

  • TTPO String Orchestra -  (16 musicians including leader)
    Music drawn from the String Quartet & String Orchestra repertoire; including Palm Court style light classical and dinner music.

  • Classical Orchestra - (17 to 21 piece orchestra) Strings & Winds
    Repertoire: Mozart, Haydn, Handel, etc., with popular arrangements for small orchestra.

  • Pops Orchestra - (25 to 40 piece orchestra) String, Winds, Brass, Percussion
    Standard Boston Pops type orchestral arrangements which can be tailored to the theme of an event, with or without featured artists.


Entertainmnet Agent and Coordinator for TTPO Event Orchestras – contact:
Wren Canzoneri – Director
TorMusic Entertainment.
Ph: Phone: 905 821 8655

Contracts, Payments,  Event Production, Coordination between Event Client, Venue,  and Musicians are through TorMusic Entertainment, with Wren Canzoneri acting as Agent for the TTPO Event Ensembles.

Founder and Director of TorMusic Entertainment, began his career as a violinist, with activities in Chamber Music, Orchestra, and Recording for Movies, Television, and Jingles. He then became Musical Contractor for the Boris Brott Summer Pops Series at Ontario Place for several years, contracting orchestras from a wide base of musicians.

Another key member of TorMusic Entertainment is Amalia Joanou Canzoneri, a member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. On many occasions TorMusic has collaborated with the TSO’s music library for rental music and orchestral arrangements for TorMusic Event Orchestras.
In addition to his business, TorMusic Entertainment, Mr. Canzoneri is a performing violinist with The Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra, and the Musicians’ Representative to the TTPO’s Board of Directors.

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