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Enjoy your corporate, wedding, or private function in the same splendour and elegance celebrated by decades of tradition and history.

The very name “Eaton Hall” conjures scenes of Ontario’s twenties and thirties elite gathering to play and relax in the rolling hills and countryside north of the bustling, merchant-led Toronto. And the leading merchants were the Eaton family. A Norman chateau built on a grand scale for Lady Flora McCrae Eaton in the 1930’s, Eaton Hall served as a private rural residence for the Eaton family.

Our Relationship with Eaton Hall
TorMusic Entertainment represents many of Toronto's finest and most experienced  ensemble leaders and solo performers...in Strings, Jazz, Band & Orchestra. Over the last 15 years TorMusic has worked effectively with Eaton Hall staff to contract and supervise String, Jazz, and Band musical ensembles for Weddings, Receptions, Dinners, and Corporate Events.

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A Rich and Varied Past

It is modeled after a Norman French chateau with rounded turrets and grand halls. It started as a summer residence and working farm. It was the site of many Hunts of the Toronto and North York Club. During the Second World War it was a hospital for severe burn patients. And, since 1971 it has been the location of one of Canada's outstanding community colleges.

Eaton Hall... the very name conjures scenes of Toronto's and Ontario's Twenties and Thirties "elite" gathering to play and relax in the rolling hills and countryside north of the bustling, merchant-led Toronto. And the leading merchants were the Eaton family, owners and operators of the T. Eaton Company department store.

Sir John Craig and Lady Flora McCrae Eaton had always wanted a country house large enough to enjoy family gatherings and other celebrations. "The Eatons bought property in King at the suggestion of their Toronto neighbor, Sir Henry Pellatt, the legendary financier who bought Casa Loma," write Jeanne Hopkins in The Toronto Star, August 1, 1991. "They bought the Ferguson farm on Lake Jonda, part of a string of inland lakes extending east and west of Bond Lake. It was around 1920 that Sir John began to develop his 700-acre farm.It soon became a focal point for steeplechase days, hunter trials and a place for the Toronto and North York Hunt Club meets."

Hopkins continues: "For many years the small, remodelled farmhouse served the family for weekend barbecues and picnics. But Lady Eaton wanted a large country home and Eaton Hall was built, designed like a French chateau using the brownish-grey stones from the nearby Humber River. Unfortunately, Sir John Craig Eaton died in 1922 and did not see the completed Eaton Hall which was finished in 1938."

During World War II, Eaton Hall served first as a refuge for British children who had been sent to Canada to escape the London bombings and later the Royal Canadian Navy was given use of the house and grounds as a burn convalescent hospital and rehabilitation centre. Lady Eaton donated the funds for all the medications and staff. At war's end, Eaton Hall returned to its role as a private residence and working farm.

Lady Eaton died in July 1970, aged 91. Her death signalled the close of a era of "gracious living" as the world moved on to other things.

A year later Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, one of the-then 22 provincially-funded community colleges, purchased the 700 acres that made up the Eaton Hall Estate. Seneca's mandate was, and is, to provide post-secondary educational, community and cultural programs for the geographic area covering North York and the Regional Municipality of York. The College was well established in North York with several campuses but lacked a location in York Region. The Estate became the College's King Campus and Eaton Hall became the academic and administrative home to 300 people in September of 1971.

In 1977, the college built a new facility and Eaton Hall was renovated and became, initially, aManagement Development Centre, providing residential intensive management training for business and industry. Then Eaton Hall took a slightly different path in the summer of 1991 when it became a more public hotel and conference centre. Extensive renovations to Eaton Hall occurred in 1994-1995 to upgrade the facility to current standards.

Eaton Hall has a rich history on which to draw a future as one of the finest operations of its kind.

The Amaro String Ensembles

With members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Amaro Quartet forms the nucleus of our string ensembles: Duos, Trios, Quartet & Classical Orchestra.

These ensembles provide customized entertainment for Weddings, Receptions & Dinners.

The Amaro Quartet also performs for many public and corporate events. Click here * to download the Amaro Quartet PDF Information Brochure

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